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Feel Truly At Home

Imagine getting home from work and chilling out in an atmosphere filled with a magical mystic that lifts all your stress away. The EXTY Essential Oil Diffuser lets you and your family experience that, and even boost your health like never before!

Incredibly light and is sized to fit on a desk. Looks adorable and is the perfect décor for your home and office !

  EXTY Essential oil Diffuser

What you’ll love about EXTY Essential Oil Diffuser:

  • PREVENTS DRY SKIN – produces a cool mist that humidifies your home.Helps keep your skin well moisturized andis an effective solution for getting rid of dry and itchy skin.
  • EASE FLU AND COLD SYMPTOMS –moisturizes your nasal, throat and lung passages to relieve irritations caused by the dreaded cold and flu. Sleep with this air humidifier on, and wake up with a more comfortable nose and throat!
  • NO MORE MORNING GROWLS – your voice can get a bit croaky and growly because of dry air. Sleep with this air purifier on, and sound more like your normal self the moment you wake up.
  • SILENT OPERATION – this diffuser works with little to no noise at all –helps you relax better than your standard diffuser or humidifier!

Works Perfectly With Distilled Water Or Your Favorite Essential Oil

EXTY - Essential Oil Diffuser



  • Seven color breathing light
  • To stop changing colors: Press the button for 3 seconds (first time).
  • To turn the lightsoff: Press again for 3 seconds.


  • Take out the swab, soak it fully and put it back in the device.
  • Put in water or essential oil – make sure that it doesn’t exceed the liquid capacity.


  • Sizing: 13.9 x 0.8 x 0.8 cm
  • Liquid Capacity: 220 ml
  • Noise: <36db
  • Sprays 30ml of liquid in an hour
  • Power Type: USB
  • Power (W): 1.5-2W
  • Voltage (V): DC 5V

  EXTY Essential Oil Deffuser


  1. Please make sure that there is enough water to ensure the humidifier works normally. Please do not exceed the maximum capacity.
  2. When used for the first time, please take out the swab, soak it fully and then put it in the catheter. (Comes with a cotton swab to replace it in case it was dirty or blocked)
  3. Do not allow water to flow into the power connector. When re-used after a long time, you need to soak the cotton rod again.